Empowering The Mission Within


Every mission starts with a dream; to make the world a better place through a personal philosophy of change. There is a global movement of people around the world who are choosing to fight the injustices against people, animals, and the environment. For many, their missions are a personal reaction to events that have occurred in their own life. For others, it is a response to a world out of balance; an effort to create a cultural shift in the way we approach life. We encourage others to live a more cooperative, compassionate and caring way of life. To dream of a better world and to make it their mission to make it happen.  



GFM celebrates those individuals who dare to make a difference. Who unselfishly make it their mission to create positive change. To dream a better world through a movement of one, or of many; to guide, enlighten, and improve the way we act and the effects of those actions on the planet. If you have a cause you are fighting for, or a dream to start your own mission of change, GFM wants to hear about it. We'll help you promote your organization or movement and if selected, you may be eligible for a donation or grant, to help you keep you moving forward on your path. Use the contact form below to tell us about your project.